This tool kit gives you detailed information, deadlines and contact information for each program:

  • Initiatives program - NOT OPEN AT THE MOMENT
  • Assistance Program for Events and Festivals – OPEN FROM NOVEMBER 18th, 2022 TO DECEMBER 19th, 2022

Open house 

Do you have questions about your application for financial assistance? We hold meetings to answer your questions. You can make an appointment with our team at the following address :

Write in the subject line of the e-mail : Open house request.

Availability varies between 15 and 30 minutes. We grant appointments based on analyst availability. First come, first served.


Assistance program for events and festivals 

A call for projects is now open from November 18th, 2022 to December 19th, 2022, for events beginning between July 1st, 2023 and December 31th, 2023. This is the last call for projects beginning in 2023.

The program will only open in autumn 2023 for events beginning between January 1st, 2024 and June 30th, 2024.

* Another call for projects closed on the September 30th, 2022, and a respond will be received in December 2022. 


For Tourisme Montréal, a festival, museum exhibition or event with tourism potential is an event that, through its content, theme, duration and reputation, increases the number of visitors, is a trigger for a trip to Montréal and strengthens the destination's positioning. For their part, events with tourism potential essentially allow for the dissemination abroad of an avant-garde and open image linked to the personality of Montréal. 


Organizations eligible for financial assistance are

  • Quebec companies that are legally constituted, whether for profit or not;
  • Quebec public enterprises, such as municipal corporations;
  • Any combination of the above organizations.


The festival, museum exhibit or tourism event must 

  • meet the definition of "eligible festivals, museum exhibitions and tourism events 
  • be produced and held in Montreal; 
  • have a program that targets a pan-Quebec, national or international tourist clientele;
  • have a program that lasts between 3 and 60 days and is accessible to a leisure or business tourism clientele (contact us if your event/festival is less than 3 days). There is also no minimum duration exhibitions.;
  • submit an application before the submission deadlines (see program management procedures);
  • be the sole recipient of surpluses, grants and other external contributions;
  • demonstrate an environmentally responsible approach;
  • ensure that the financial request does not exceed 10% of the applicant's total annual expenses.
  • The following are not eligible for financial assistance: a trade show, a tourist exchange, a convention or a show.

The main objective of the program is to increase tourism revenues in Montréal, while respecting various orientations, particularly in terms of sustainable development.

To this end, it aims to :

  • supporting festivals, museum exhibitions and tourism events that position Montréal as a destination on the Quebec, national and international scenes
  • strengthen Montréal's appeal by focusing on a festival, a museum exhibition or a tourist event likely to prolong the stay of visitors;
  • encourage new talent and innovation to ensure the sustainability of the event industry and maintain Montréal's position and competitive advantages in the field.

Program documents 

We invite promoters to read all the documents required for the program.

  1. Promoter's Guide
    The project call and analysis process will be guided by the rules identified in the Proponent's Guide. Project proponents are invited to read it carefully.

  2. Electronic form

  3. Annexe D - Income and expense statement (only available in french) - this document needs to be filled only when an event received a financial aid (needed for the last payment)


Contact names :

Sophie Claivaz-Loranger ( - Manager Destination Development & Programs

Annie Beauchamp ( - Project manager - Programs 

Initiatives program 


Tourisme Montréal is open to receiving requests for financial assistance outside of its standard programs for one-time initiatives. These large-scale projects must contribute to the renewal of the Montréal product, while respecting the development of a harmonious destination. This exceptional assistance must contribute to the destination's reputation, its influence and its positioning as a leading-edge city. Each project will be evaluated by a selection committee, based on a dozen criteria, including whether the project meets the objectives of the program. 

In winter, the city lights up. Tourisme Montréal encourages project promoters to take part in these luminous moments by applying to the program now. Examples of eligible projects include thematic projects for the winter season and the holiday season, illumination projects, animation, indoor or outdoor murals, technological development, exceptional event programming, etc.

To share your project with us, we invite you to contact the destination development team. 


Contact names :

Sarah Justine Leduc-Villeneuve ( - Team Leader Destination Development & Programs

Sophie Claivaz-Loranger ( - Manager Destination Development & Programs