This tool kit gives you detailed information, deadlines and contact information for each program:

  • Assistance Program for Events and Festivals – Running from November 22, 2021 to December 23, 2021 at 4:59 pm
  • Entente de partenariat régional en tourisme (EPRT 3)  Closed
  • Fonds de maintien des actifs stratégiques en tourisme (FMAST) Closed
  • Soutien aux intervenants en tourisme d’affaires et sportif (SITAS) – Closed
  • Entente de développement numérique des entreprises touristiques (EDNET)  Closed
  • Entente de partenariat régional en tourisme (EPRT Part 1) – Closed

Portes ouvertes 


Do you have questions about your application for financial assistance? We hold meetings to answer your questions. You can make an appointment with our team at the following address. Enter, in the subject line of the e-mail, Portes ouvertes request.

Entente de partenariat régional en tourisme :  

Fonds de maintien des actifs stratégiques en tourisme :  

Soutien aux intervenants en tourisme d’affaires et sportif :  

Availability varies between 15 and 30 minutes. We grant appointments based on analyst availability. First come, first served.


Assistance program for events and festivals 

Running from November 22, 2021 to December 23, 2021 at 4:59 pm


For Tourisme Montréal, a festival, museum exhibition or event with tourism potential is an event that, through its content, theme, duration and reputation, increases the number of visitors, is a trigger for a trip to Montréal and strengthens the destination's positioning. For their part, events with tourism potential essentially allow for the dissemination abroad of an avant-garde and open image linked to the personality of Montréal. 


Organizations eligible for financial assistance are

  • Quebec companies that are legally constituted, whether for profit or not;
  • Quebec public enterprises, such as municipal corporations;
  • Any combination of the above organizations.


The festival, museum exhibit or tourism event must 

  • meet the definition of "eligible festivals, museum exhibitions and tourism events 
  • be produced and held in Montreal; 
  • have a program that targets a pan-Quebec, national or international tourist clientele;
  • have a program that lasts between 3 and 60 days (except for museum exhibitions) and is accessible to a leisure or business tourism clientele;
  • submit an application before the submission deadlines (see program management procedures);
  • be the sole recipient of surpluses, grants and other external contributions;
  • demonstrate an environmentally responsible approach;
  • ensure that the financial request does not exceed 10% of the applicant's total annual expenses.
  • The following are not eligible for financial assistance: a trade show, a tourist exchange, a convention or a show.

The main objective of the program is to increase tourism revenues in Montréal, while respecting various orientations, particularly in terms of sustainable development.

To this end, it aims to :

  • supporting festivals, museum exhibitions and tourism events that position Montréal as a destination on the Quebec, national and international scenes
  • strengthen Montréal's appeal by focusing on a festival, a museum exhibition or a tourist event likely to prolong the stay of visitors;
  • encourage new talent and innovation to ensure the sustainability of the event industry and maintain Montréal's position and competitive advantages in the field.

Program documents 

We invite promoters to read all the documents required for the program.

  1. Promoter's Guide (available as of Monday, November 22) 
    The project call and analysis process will be guided by the rules identified in the Proponent's Guide. Project proponents are invited to read it carefully.

  2. Electronic form (available, only in French, as of Monday, November 22)

Contact names

Sarah Justine Leduc-Villeneuve, Destination Development Team Leader 

Dominique Groleau-Roy, Destination Development Coordinator 

Julia Gerdil, administrative assistant, destination development

Fonds de maintien des actifs stratégiques en tourisme (FMAST) -  Closed

This program invests in tourism companies to maintain the strategic assets of the destination. It encourages the establishment of large-scale projects to promote traffic in the wider downtown area and the maximum impact for the entire sector. This financial assistance is granted through component 4 of the 2020-2022 Regional Tourism Partnership Agreement (EPRT), the envelope of which was announced last November by the Minister of Tourism, Caroline Proulx, following the economic update of the government of Quebec.

The financial assistance granted aims to support strategic tourism businesses in order to ensure that Montreal's offer is preserved, so that the period of return to prosperity for tourism businesses is shortened.

Only one project call is open for the moment. The end date of the current call for projects is April 30th, 2021 for a response in June 2021. 


A webinar will be held on March 30th to introduce the program. We invite interested organizations to register here.


Program documents

We invite promoters to read all the documents required for the program.

  1. Promoter's guide
    The project call and analysis process will be framed by the rules identified in the promoter's guide. Project promoters are invited to read it carefully.
    Click here: Promoter's Guide - in French only 

  2. Electronic form
    To submit an application to FMAST, promoters must complete the electronic form below. It is not possible to make corrections once the form has been submitted.
    Click here: Electronic Application Form  - in French only 

  3. Preparation form
    Please note that the electronic form cannot be saved in order to complete it later. For this reason, we are providing all the questions on the form in a prep Word document, available below, so that you can prepare your answers in advance. The preparation Word document CANNOT be provided as an official form.
    Click here: Preparation form - in French only 

  4. Budget and financial package
    Promoters must also provide many mandatory documents, including the spreadsheet below.
    Click here: Budget and financial package - in French only 

For assistance, please contact us here :

Sarah Justine Leduc-Villeneuve - Manager

For events and festivals files: Stéphanie Laurin - Manager - Cultural Tourism  


Soutien aux intervenants en tourisme d’affaires et sportif (SITAS) – Closed

This financial aid is to support stakeholders in Montréal’s business events and sports industry. It was created to support projects that:

  • Bring Montréal greater visibility as an event destination on the national and international stage
  • Focus on products and services that can enhance the Montréal offer
  • Encourage new talent and innovation in the industry.

There is only one call for proposals currently open. The deadline for this call for proposals is May 31, 2021, for a response in July 2021.

A webinar presenting the program will be held on April 13th. Interested organizations can register here. Have a look to the Q & A.

We invite interested promoters to consult the following documents required for the program (links will be provided upon launch of SITAS):

  1. Promoter guide – in French only
  2. Budget and financial structure – in French only
  3. Electronic form – in French only
  4. Draft form – in French only
    Please note that the electronic form cannot be saved and completed at a later time. For this reason, we are providing all questions from the form in a draft Word document above, which allows you to prepare your answers beforehand. The draft Word document CANNOT be submitted as the official form.


SITAS application support:

Andréanne Paquet - Manager

Entente de partenariat régional en tourisme (volet 1) - Closed

Support to tourism SMEs for compliance with health plans

Note that requests are received continuously.

Eligible projects aim to bring the space devoted to tourists and employees of eligible tourism businesses into compliance with the health plans proposed by the Government of Quebec or by a partner of the latter.

To be eligible for component 1, the applicant must offer a tourist activity or service during the current 2020-2021 tourist season, if the health authorities allow it.

Eligible clientele: tourism SMEs (attractions, festivals and events, accommodation, receptive and tourist transport agencies), such as:

  • For-profit organizations legally constituted in Quebec;
  • Non-profit organizations legally constituted in Quebec;
  • Cooperatives legally constituted in Quebec;
  • Indigenous communities and nations recognized by the National Assembly,
  • Indigenous organizations and businesses.

Eligible expenses are retroactive to April 1, 2020, if applicable. Expenses cannot be made beyond March 31, 2021 to be eligible.



Entente de partenariat régional en tourisme (volet 2)- Ongoing

Support for collective projects for adaptation of tourism SMEs to new health realities

Calls for projects are published by Tourisme Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.

Eligible projects must benefit several tourism businesses that have suffered the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. These companies may belong to one or more different tourism activity sectors and be located in one or more tourism regions of Quebec.

The projects must constitute an innovative business solution aimed at improving the customer experience as well as the management. and distance selling. They must generate quantifiable financial benefits and be steered by:

  • a regional tourism association;
  • a sectoral tourism association;
  • an agent recognized by the Ministry of Tourism;
  • a group of these clienteles.

For more information, consult the website of Tourisme Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, responsible for the management of this component.

Guide du promoteur 



Entente de partenariat régional en tourisme (volet 3) - Closed

Support for development and structuring projects of the tourist offer

Please note that applications are received following calls for projects. Calls for projects will resume shortly for the Montreal region.

The projects submitted must be structuring and contribute to renewing and improving the region's tourist offer. They must promote the achievement of the following objectives:

  • Stimulate the economy of the regions by:

    • maintaining a quality tourist offer;

    • promoting an innovative tourism offer;

    • developing new niches for tourism businesses;

  • Promoting the development of an original, complementary tourism offer and respectful of sustainable development.

The filing dates are as follows:

  • April 1, 2021 for a response approximately June 2021
  • July 26, 2021 for a response approximately in October 2021

Guide du promoteur 
Formulaire de demande


An incomplete file will not be processed and will be automatically refused. No modifications are possible to the file once submitted.



Fonds de maintien des actifs stratégiques en tourisme (FMAST) - Launch scheduled for March 15, 2021 

More information to come.


Contact person EPRT :
Sarah Justine Leduc-Villeneuve - Manager 

Stéphanie Laurin - Manager– Cultural tourism 



EDNET Assistance Program (Tourism Business Digital Development Agreement) - Closed

Note that requests are received continuously until March 5th 2021.

EDNET aims to enable regional tourist associations to support businesses in their region in order to help them to :

  • Determine the challenges linked to digital development to which they must respond;
  • Carry out digital development projects.

Contact person:
Sarah Justine Leduc-Villeneuve
- Manager 
514-844-8999 /